LIVE WEBCAST: Thursday, April 9 - 11:00 AM ET 

Free Pre-Built Automation Workshop: Chatbot Integration - Automate via Slack 

This webcast shares pre-built automation content targeted specifically to help your organization respond to infrastructure challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll get a look into use cases and receive the automation process template code for quick deployment in your environments.

This workshop will present:

  • A brief description of the automation
  • How it can be leveraged
  • Why we think it will be useful to your pandemic response efforts
  • Tips for using the automation and customizing it for your environment
  • A quick how-to demo
  • Q&A - “Open Office Hours”

Chatbot Integration: Automate via Slack enables end users to automate common requests via Slack (or similar tools), ranging from self-servicing PC issues to provisioning and configuring cloud instances. The automation focuses on multi-channel support with slack serving as an example of how Resolve can integrate with a messaging solution, which can then spin off various automations.

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