LIVE WEBCAST: Thursday, April 2 - 11:00 AM ET 

Free Pre-Built Automation Workshop: Network Health Checks & Diagnostic Metrics

Join us for our first workshop sharing free automation content targeted specifically to help your organization respond to infrastructure challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. You will get a look into use cases for two highly modular and reusable automations covering Network Health Checks & Diagnostic Metrics. Following the workshop, you'll receive the process template code for quick deployment in your environments.

This workshop will present: 

  • An overview of the Network Health Checks & Diagnostic Metrics automations
  • How they can be leveraged
  • Why we think they will be useful to your pandemic response efforts
  • Tips for using the automations and customizing them for your environment
  • A quick how-to demo
  • Q&A - “Open Office Hours”

More about the Network Health Checks & Diagnostic Metrics Automations:

The Unix Health Check Use Case is one of the most modular, reusable types of automations as it validates the health and status of the network – with access and visibility to the IT environments for service teams working remotely. This automation executes a series of OS-based status queries or a single custom script, gathering data into a map to check for errors. 

The Server Health Monitor Use Case creates dashboards to proactively monitor the environment of any single or multiple target network elements or application-related health checkpoints. This promotes awareness of issues for remote teams without requiring login to a device or application. This use case is highly customizable, allowing users to set warning thresholds without having to modify code.

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